Cosmetic Injections

Fat reducing injections

Even with successful weight loss, areas of stubborn fat can persist, obscuring this positive result. That stubborn double chin and other difficult-to-treat areas require more than diet and exercise can provide.

More about the procedure

Kybella Fat Reducing Injections by Laccura offer a natural, permanent solution for problematic areas like:

  • Unsightly Bra Fat
  • Upsetting Upper Arm Fat
  • Tenacious Belly Fat
  • Disturbing Leg and Knee Fat

You work hard to look your best. Let us help you achieve that goal with Kybella Fat Reducing Injections.


By employing an innate fat metabolizing molecule, Kybella liquefies and eliminates fat cells permanently as the body absorbs them.

This simple treatment is quick, non-invasive, and highly effective for treating unyielding fat in problematic areas. As a result of being such an effective natural solution, Kbella also offers other significant benefits.

  • It’s More Gentle Than Liposuction
  • Decreases Protuberant Mons Pubis
  • Produces Zero Scarring
  • Requires No Downtime
  • Treatments Are Short

While sessions are typically about 20 minutes, multiple treatments are necessary for complete and optimal results. Clients report seeing results at 3 to 4 weeks. It can take 60 to90 days, as this natural process proceeds, to realize the full benefits of your treatments.

Plus, when treatment is complete, results are permanent, and no further treatment is required.

At Laccura, we pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date treatments and technologies for our clients’ benefit, Kbella being an excellent example.Contact us today for an appointment to finally rid yourself of unwanted and unyielding fatty deposits.