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Fillers Dissolving in Highland Park

Fillers dissolving

Fillers Dissolving

Should you grow tired of your dermal fillers dissolving results or wish to try a different approach, most fillers will dissolve with expert treatment by Laccura.

More about the procedure

Fillers break down and are absorbed by injecting hyaluronidase acid, a naturally occurring enzyme.

Reasons for dissolving fillers include:

  • Filler Migration
  • Lumps and Anomalies
  • Dissatisfaction with Results
  • Desire for Change
  • Uneven Filler Placement
  • Unflattering Results from A Less Reputable Provider

Benefits of Fillers Dissolving

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the beauty seen by your eyes is the first thing that matters. Choosing a dermal filler treatment for enhancements is a big step, but sometimes, reality does not meet our expectations. Fortunately, our fillers do dissolve. You may decide to stay with your natural appearance, or you can choose to have another dermal filler for different results.

Knowing you can reverse the process is one of the significant benefits of dermal filler dissolving. Other benefits include:

  • Adjusting The result

Everyone’s physiology is unique. Occasionally, the result is different than expected and can be addressed with filler dissolving.

  • A Safe and Natural Solution

The enzyme hyaluronidase acid is an essential element that we all share. It quickly dissipates, but the effects continue for many hours.

  • Allows Flexibility of Treatment

You can change your mind and pursue another result without issue.

Unparalleled experience and ongoing training mean our skilled practitioners and estheticians provide the best filler dissolving treatments available.

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