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Hair Restoring in Highland Park

Hair restoring in Highland Park

Hair Restoring

 Laccura Hair Restoration can help reverse this inevitable condition safely with natural and minimally invasive PRP therapy. With age, our hair begins to thin and fall out. It is a concern for both men and women.

More about the procedure

Incorporating Platelet Rich Plasma derived from your own blood can have astounding effects.

  • Restrain Receding Hairlines
  • Prompt Robust Growth in Transplants
  • Rejuvenate Thinning Hair
  • Restore Your Confidence

PRP Therapy can help recapture the luxurious main that you once treasured with virtually no downtime.

Benefits of Hair Restoring

Since PRP utilizes your blood, there is no danger of allergic reaction. The results not only look natural, they are natural. PRP is often used to speed recovery from injuries because it stimulates a natural healing response. Its effects become apparent within two months, and the organic improvement can continue for an entire year. Other benefits are:

  • Quick, Effective, and Essentially Painless
  • Long-Lasting Natural Results
  • Customizable to Your Conditions
  • Enhance Tone and Texture of Your Scalp
  • Treat Delicate and Hard to Reach Areas
  • More Affordable Than Other Options

Losing your hair can be upsetting and even embarrassing. But, advancements in science and technology provide new solutions that can make a difference and are available to everyone.

The extensive experience and ongoing training of all the practitioners and certified estheticians at Laccura are a reassuring reality when considering hair restoration and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

Ditch the hat, stop with the comb-over, and contact us today to discover how simple it is to regain those lovely locks.

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