Blood Panel Testing

Blood Testing Service

Comprehensive Blood Testing Services | Monitoring & Diagnosis Solutions

Our lab testing is great for monitoring conditions, disorders and diseases as well as aiding in helping to make a diagnosis or helping to rule out various diagnoses. We have hundreds of lab tests to choose. Some of our popular tests include:

  • Cholesterol / Lipid Panel
  • Standard Health Test Panel
  • Comprehensive Health Testing
  • Allergy Testing
  • Vitamin Deficiency Testing
  • STD Testing
Wellness Testing

Keep an eye on your overall wellness, we offer testing that includes

  • Hormonal
  • Thyroid
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Heavy metal toxin panels
  • Food sensitivity
  • Food allergy
  • Candida panels
Genetic Testing

Your DNA can help guide your medical decisions and can even help prevent serious illness due to early warnings. Some reasons to get genetic testing done are:

  • Methylation/wellness
  • Diet/weight management strategy
  • Tricho test for alopecia
  • Telo test for biological age

Whether you need hormone testing, food allergy testing, low-T or testosterone testing, or even basic wellness done, Laccura’s testing can help you get answers to some of the important health questions you have.

There are many reasons why individuals order lab testing or blood work online. The most common reasons why people use our services for lab tests online include having a high deductible, having no insurance or not enough coverage for the testing they want or need. At Laccura, we are able to get you the health and wellness testing you need quickly at an affordable price.

Laccura offers an expansive collection of lab test categories and test types.

Your health is important! Our blood chemistry tests and wellness tests can help lead to diagnoses and can point out any potentially problematic results that you can then take to your doctor or general physician. Order the testing you need and receive your results quickly.