Cutera Xeo and PiCO Laser Treatments


A customizable, multi-application lasers + light based platforms designed to treat the widest range of today’s most common nonsurgical aesthetic concerns.

The Cutera® XEO Laser Genesis safely treats wrinkles, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, scarring, rosacea, redness in the skin and other imperfections by targeting specific areas of your skin to remove or reduce them without harming surrounding tissue.
Laser Genesis is a safe and effective method to undo the damage the skin accumulates overtime. Given the advanced technology that powers the treatment, the procedure can be done comfortably without the application of any anesthetic agent.

The Cutera® PICO Laser is the industry leader in removing unwanted pigmentation. Specifically designed to treat age spots, brown spots and remove tattoo’s, it is the first FDA approved machine to use both nano and pico second pulse durations. Pico technology is regarded as one of the most advanced laser treatments currently available on the market. It delivers noticeable, permanent results in fewer sessions than comparable options and is safe, requires minimal downtime, and can be used across the entire face and body.
Pico laser technology allows for the quick, effective, highly selective treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoos (in treatable colors). This laser also enhances elastin production in the skin, resulting in a softer, fuller, more youthful complexion.

The Pico laser works by sending ultra-short pulses of energy – without heat – to targeted problem areas. The laser’s impact on the skin is intense, shattering the problem skin pigment or particles. These are then eliminated naturally by the body.