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Fillers in Highland Park



The passage of time and the rigors of everyday life take their toll: lines, wrinkles, and the natural loss of volume steel our youthful appearance. Vanquish the signs of aging and other unflattering issues with modern, effective Dermal Filler treatments at Laccura.

More about the procedure

Our certified estheticians and practitioners can deliver stunning results like:

  • More Symmetrical Facial Features
  • Plumper, More Alluring Lips
  • Improved Jawline
  • Restore Volume to Hollow Cheeks

Versatile fillers can provide subtle enhancements that we can modify to meet your beauty objectives.

Benefits of Fillers

There are several types of fillers that we may use depending on your specific issues and wishes. Our competent beauty experts will evaluate your concerns and recommend your best course of action.

Treatment typically takes less than 30 minutes and, depending on the product used and the area treated, will often last up to five years. Plus, there is virtually no downtime, and your results will be immediate.

Some other significant benefits of fillers are:

  • Eliminate Deep Lines around the Brow, Eyes, and Mouth
  • Enhance the Contour of Your Face
  • Minimize Static Wrinkles
  • Firm up Your Weak Jawline
  • Remove Forehead Lines and 11s
  • Restore and Enhance Your Natural Beauty

All of our fillers are safe, FDA approved, minimally invasive, and require no downtime, making them reassuring and convenient. The vast experience and substantial training Laccura’s estheticians and practitioners enjoy points to the level of professionalism you will experience during your visits.

Contact t us today, make an appointment for your complimentary consultation and evaluation, and put your best face forward.

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