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If you are concerned about eliminating saggy skin, we have good news for you! Modern aesthetical medicine offers multiple options for skin lifting. At Laccura Med Spa we implement ULTherapy and RF Microneedling (the Pixel8-RF).
There are certainly differences between the methods, which we will uncover in our post. So, read on to know more!


Both ULTherapy and Microneedling result in tighter skin by stimulating collagen production within the patient’s skin layers. How they achieve this, differs. However, when choosing between these 2 methods, you should consider your beauty goals, skincare needs, and budget.


ULTherapy uses ultrasound to penetrate deeper than other non-invasive treatments. Here’s what you should know about ULTherapy:

  • It’s the only treatment approved by the FDA to tighten skin on the neck, under the chin, and on the brow without invasion. In addition, it improves wrinkles and lines on the décolletage.
  • ULTherapy has been around longer than any other method and, therefore, has a proven track record for efficacy and safety.
  • ULTherapy doesn’t damage the skin and there’s no harm done to the top layer.
  • The treatment can be easily customized to meet your specific skincare needs. This includes modifying energy amounts and skin layer penetration depth.
  • In general, the downtime is minimal, however, it is possible to have flushing, bruises, and swelling during a few weeks following the treatment.
  • ULTherapy requires about 1-2 sessions to achieve the desired results that last up to 5 years. Of course, this depends on the individual skin type.
Body Contouring in Highland Park


RF Microneedling uses minimally-invasive microneedles to drive heat that increases collagen production and cell regeneration.
At Laccura Med Spa we use the newest technology, the Pixels8 RF to deliver the safest, less painful, and most convenient treatment experience to our patients. Here’s what you should know about RF Microneedling:

  • Microneedling provides various benefits including reducing the wrinkles, fine lines, and pore size, improving scars, as well as enhancing skin tone, and increasing collagen production to lift the skin.
  • RF Microneedling can accurately target the amount of energy from 0.5mm-3.5mm.
  • It is generally less painful compared to ULTherapy.
  • With minimal downtime, it is still possible to have redness or tenderness during a few days following the procedure.
  • Microneedling requires 2-3 treatments with a break of 4 weeks between them to see the results.


For ULTherapy you will pay more upfront, however, it requires fewer treatments and lasts much longer than RF Microneedling. Since individual skincare may vary, it is best to consult with a specialist to come up with a personalized skincare treatment plan.

For more information and/or questions, contact Laccura Med Spa, and we will help you figure out which option is the best fit for you.